Friday, August 28, 2009

Expressing your feelings....

So many times I've talked about how important it is to journal but at the time I was referring to journaling about projects that need to be done and how to organize your upcoming projects or "soon to be" projects. But never did I mention anything about journaling your personal thoughts. Now I know that the blog world has changed all that to some extent by people putting things on here rather than on paper but I guess you could say that I'm from the "old school" and still believe that some things shouldn't be just thrown out there for everyone to read. I've also found through my own journaling ,that I've just recently started back up, that its easier to really open up and just throw everything out on the table so to speak by writing in your own personal journal. This is something that you can put away and noone ever has to read. I've kept one for many years now but would get lazy and never keep up with it but this time I'm determined to at least every couple of days pull it out and get my thoughts on paper. If something is bothering me I've found that writing it all out seems to ease the pain to some extent and then once the books closed I can stand up, walk away and feel as if I've shared my deepest darkest feelings and thoughts with someone knowing that they will never ever repeat them or frown upon me for anything. I's basically a diary. Except now that we are all grown up we call them journals cause that's the proper name for them now I suppose. I still have one of my diaries from when I was a little girl and I've gone back and read through it and gotten the biggest laughs. I tried to get to it so that I could take a picture but it's packed away so far that it just didn't seem worth it. But trust me...I have it still and wouldn't part from it. I have all my journals tucked away for safe keeping and love to pull them out from time to time to see just how life for me was going at the time. I even kept a pregnancy diary that one day I'll give to my son so he could see just how happy I was at the time. He will be able to see the progress of his growth as well as the progress of his mothers growth. It's a good thing! So run out and pick yourself up a journal and try it for yourself. It honestly is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You don't even have to spend a lot of time on it. If nothing else just pick it up and write down how your feeling while sipping on your morning coffee and trying to get woke up. Then months from now flip back and read some of the things you wrote to yourself. You'll be saying "oh I finally crossed that hurdle and it wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be at the time I wrote this" or who knows what feelings will arise from rereading your thoughts. Do you already keep a journal? I'd love to hear from you if you do, let me know how it effects your life in a positive way.
Have a wonderful day everyone and I'll see ya soon.