Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dishes dishes and more kitchen dishes

Hey well while Suzie was here she pointed out that I hadn't shown you all these dishes, well how that I have them displayed anyway. I've shown you the pretty robins egg blue dishes that I found at nowhere else but the Big T (TJMaxx for those of you that don't know that I love that store). Then the smaller plates in front of those I found on ebay as well as the ones that are behind the blue ones. I have them in a little cuddy hole above my microwave in the kitchen and along with so many other things in there, I just love them. I'm not quite sure what has me liking plates so much but it seems like I'm getting quite a collection of them. I'm working on making a display of them on the wall in the kitchen (when I can ever find some more plate hangers, those things are hard to find) and then I'm also going to do a display in my bedroom as well with some pretty pink roses on them. Want those just look precious? No your not getting my vision? Well as soon as I can get more of those hangers I'll just have to show you now want I?
So long for now, I'm off to make something good for supper so I can put them in those pretty plates of mine.....

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