Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second page of Fathers Day mini album...

Hi and welcome to the weekend everyone! So here's the second page of the little Fathers Day mini that I'm making for my husband. Although he's not much for playing golf I just loved this layout and had to make one.
With this one the shirt flips up to reveal your photos and journaling. I think that I'm going to go back and add some pretty colored card stock to the back side of the shirt so that I can journal on it. After taking these pictures, it just looks to boring and plain to me. The little tag pulls out so I can put pictures on front and back if I chose too.
And here is the back. The little golfing tag pulls out as well.
So what are your plans for the weekend? Card making, scrapbooking, sewing, junking? Oh speaking of junking, I haven't been all spring long and just know that I'm missing out on some great finds. I'd love to get out and go to some sales to see what all I can find. Not today looks like it's going to pour the rain. I suppose I'll just have to stay indoors and work on finishing this little mini so that I can start another one. It will be a perfect day to scrapbook and read. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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