Thursday, May 20, 2010

Father's day shirt mini....

Hi all! Oops I let yesterday slip away from me and forgot to post this like I had promised. Sorry about that. Anyway this is a little mini album that I came up with after watching some ladies make origami shirts out of paper and I thought hmmm now wouldn't that be cute if you could turn them into a mini album. Well that's exactly what I wound up doing and here is the outcome.
Like I said I used the concept of the origami shirt and then used the concept of the pocket from Following the Paper Trail. I just kind of "blended" the two together. I think there are 6 shirts in all. I wish now that I had added 8 in total but to late now. I'm planning on giving this to my father-in-law for Fathers Day and putting all 8 of his children's pictures in it for him. I'm going to have my husband write him a little letter and will place that on the inside cover. That's why it's blank right now. I'd give anything if I had pictures of all my step brothers and sisters so I could make my dad one but I don't so I'll have to come up with something else for him for Fathers Day.
As you can see, if you pull on the shirt collar a tag pulls out to place pictures on. I only took pictures of the first page but each one is a different pattern of course and for the binding strip I made it look like a pair of jeans. I'm telling's been years since I had scrapbooked and I've jumped in head first and am loving making the little mini albums and scrapbooking and cards. Ohhhh I made a couple cards as well but will have to share those with you in another post. But for now I have to see what kind of "goodies" the post lady brought me. I just love getting boxes in the mail.
Hope that everyone is having an exceptional day! It's beautiful here on the lake.

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