Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fathers Day mini COMPLETED!

SHOCK! Two posts in one day for me has to be some kind of record, but I had to try and make up for not getting this on here like I had promised you all before. Here's the outside front cover of the album. I did mine a bit different than what the pattern that I originally bought called for but that's ok cause I like adding my own little twist to it. For example, instead of it saying My Guy like the pattern said I put Dad and I also added the little metal page corner brads as well to give it an even more "manly" look. I didn't add the ribbon on it cause I was afraid that my husband would think that it looked too girly so I steered clear of that.
On the inside cover, to cover the brads I simply cut a couple of 45 degree angles out of my scraps that I had left over and made a nice tailored edge.
I absolutely just love this little mini album. It was so much fun to make and believe it or not it wasn't that hard to make at all. Seriously! It looks really complicated but once you have the basics down and follow along with the patterns it goes really fast. Of course, I've been having to work on this and other things (like spring cleaning) and keeping this well hid so that my husband doesn't stumble upon it til my son and I give it to him. I believe the hardest part of all of it is going to be finding just the right pictures to put in it and doing the journaling. I'm terrible when it comes time to actual journal something. It seems like my mind just goes completely blank on me. So I'll have to do a bit more sneaking to get the pictures printed off and put in the album.
Hope that you all have enjoyed the posts and it has inspired you. Oh something that I was thinking about the other day is could always leave the binding tab off of any of these pages and make a card out of any of these templates. Now wouldn't any man be proud to get a nice looking card like that? Just something to think about.... Hope that everyone has had a wonderful day!


  1. Hello!

    This is one wonderful project! It is so difficult to make a great card for a man and you have managed to make an entire book for one! Your husband is going to be thrilled to receive this gift! :<)

    Wishing you a good weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  2. I love all the manly fathers day looks you got finished.. soo much nicer than anything store bought. The will know how much they mean to you, from all the care you took making them. Great JOB !!!! as always ! love ya, Sis

  3. That is such a great idea. I'm also stopping by to let you know that I am doing a giveaway. Stop by and see.

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  5. How did you put the big picture to the top? That lamp hen..

  6. Ea, I cut out a piece of chipboard and covered it with paper then added the watch, a brad and metal clock hand then glued it all to the mini album. I also used a product called glossy accents right in the center of the watch to make it look like the glass on a pocket watch. I hope that helps. If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask.