Friday, March 9, 2012

Wedding Album with a touch of Country...

 Hi Everyone! First off should I say Happy New Year to you all?? WOW! I'm so it is March and this is my first post for this year. It's not like I haven't been doing things. I've just neglected you all by sharing with you. So I'll be doing some makeup posts over the next few days.
 I actually made 3 of these albums using Laura Dennison's pattern from Following the Paper Trail. I didn't do them all alike but have already given the other 2 away and forgot to take pictures of those.
 This is how I decided to do my little flowers on the binding of the book. It's a little different from how Laura did hers. Please scroll on down to see the rest of the album.

After making 3 of these at one time. I'm not sure that I'll ever want to make another one because they were so time consuming. But once they were complete I can see how all that time was well worth it.
I have another post that I'll go ahead and post tonight and will look at what else I've forgotten to share with everyone. Have a WONDERFUL night everyone and come on back soon to see what else I've been doing.

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