Monday, March 12, 2012

New Toppers!

Hey everyone! With this nice spring weather here it's really gotten me in the mood to get some things done that I've been putting off forever. Well that and the fact that I've been feeling so much better the last 2 months. I had bought one extra curtain panel last year when I redid the living room and knew that I could make a topper for both door with just one panel. Well a year later I'm getting that done and here they are. One curtain panel and some chocolate colored ribbon and I'm done with that project and can mark it off my endless TO DO list. Mr. Candy Creek liked them as well. He said that they looked great.....he paused while admiring them and said "they are girly but look great".  Men!...that's all I could think....Men! I realize I'm outnumbered here 2 to 1 but gosh I really was trying to make the living room more "guy friendly" aka "manly"! I suppose had I used a camo printed fabric and maybe some jute rope instead of ribbon that wouldn't of been "girly" at all then right? I'm just thankful that my husband noticed them. My son walked right by them and never even noticed they were there. So I'm not going to get to upset that Mr. Candy Creek noticed but referred to them as girly. Would I be pushing it to far as to say that maybe they are a bit sophisticated?
Ya'll have a great night. I'd like to turn in early tonight because my body just isn't getting the hang of this new time yet.

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