Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't throw away those glass sauce jars!!

 Do you use a specific brand of spaghetti sauce? If so, don't throw those glass jars away! USE THEM! I happen to use Bertolli sauces (and add to the sauce to spice it up a little more) but I've been saving my jars ever since I saw a post on pinterest where a lady did this very same thing. It's super easy to do as well as you can see. You just remove the labeling and then I painted my lids black and added some ribbon and a little embellishment.
I needed a better way to store my ribbons that I use for scrapbooking so that I could get to them faster. But you don't have to just put ribbons in them......if your a crafter think about buttons, beads, metal embellishments, paper flowers ect ect. and these wouldn't be just good for crafters...if you have limited room on your kitchen counter...think of making these jars for to store your flour, meal, sugar, coffee, tea. OR popcorn, rice, beans. The uses are endless but the best part of all is that this project is pretty much free! Hope you get inspired to start saving your jars as well to give them new life and you'll have a trash to treasure of your own!

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