Monday, March 26, 2012

It's that Time Again????.......

Hi everyone! Ok this is just to let everyone know that there more than likely want be any new posts on the blog for a bit due to me having to perform one of those lovely little chores called Spring Cleaning. I have already started by cleaning some drawers out and tossing things that I honestly am tired of cleaning. I'm learning that less is best! A perfect example is my walk in closet. We use that thing for more than just hanging our's like a storage unit as well! So I'm tossing as much as I can possibly get rid of. I've decided that if I didn't wear it last season then I simply am NOT going to wear it and there is no need in it hanging or sitting in the closet taking up precious space. (where something pretty could be hanging that I WOULD wear ~GRIN~). I've also found that the best time to dig into my closets and drawers are either when I'm just fed up with picking up useless things around the house or right after I've watched an episode of Hoarders on tv! So as I'm cleaning today if you all hear someone continue yelling "LESS IS BEST" that would be me as I toss clothes over my shoulder that will land in a big pile on the floor and eventually no longer be part of my hoard. I figure this way once I get all the clutter out of my life then it will be much easier for me to roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty with the real cleaning. (I'm trying to make it sound worse than it probably really is for my own benefit here everyone just so you know). Ok so off I go to conquer this little thing we call Spring Cleaning....don't send out any AWOL's for me in my absence because now you know where I'll be.......dust bunnies put up your dukes...this chicky is coming to rid you of her life!

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