Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where the name came from....

Hey everyone! Ever wonder where I came up with the name Candy Creek for my blog? I'm not sure that I've ever explained this or not. Well I'm sure that most of you all know that we live on the lake here in upper east TN but did you know that this very spot used to be where my in laws used to run a little boat dock? Well they did! Many years ago there used to be a candy factory up at the end of the creek and so that's where Candy Creek came from. Then this blog took on Candy Creek to represent the boat dock that used to be here. We just lost my father in law this month and while my husband and his siblings were going through some things at the farmhouse he ran across this sign. I had already told my husband that I wanted to make a pretty sign that said Welcome to Candy Creek for the entrance but was as shocked as he was I believe when he came home with the original sign from the old boat dock that used to be here. So Mr. Candy Creek immediately hung it prominently on the front of our house. I noticed him looking at it yesterday and almost felt I could read his mind. The grin on his face told me that he was thinking of older times and wonderful memories. He was just a little boy when the boat dock was up and running but can remember lots of things about his childhood.
So there is just a little history behind where I came up with the name for my blog. I hope that everyone has a great day today. I'm off to do some spring cleaning and enjoy looking out at all this beautiful sunshine!

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