Saturday, July 23, 2011

7 months in Fast Forward.....part 1

 Hey everyone...sorry I've been gone for so long! But it simply just couldn't be helped. Some of you all know a few things that have happened others don't have a clue. But I'm back now and will try to explain in this series of "Fast Forward".
So when I left you all last I was working on redoing my living room. As most of you know I have been trying to redo one room every winter and this year it was the living room. The first set of pictures are the before pictures and the last ones are the after. This project took on a life of itself since I took a pretty bad fall when I was half way done and was laid up in bed for a couple months. That fall took more of a toll on my body than I had even realized and I'm not sure that I'll ever be completely back up to par but I'm trying really hard to overcome the issues.
 I just took random shots around the room. I have the living cut up into 2 different sections. One side is the tv viewing area and the other side is the computer area....what you can't see in these pictures is my husbands desk is on the computer side as well.
 Before pictures of the wall behind the sofa...
 and After behind the sofa...ok so before you all start laughing...I was trying my ever loving best to save some serious mullah on wall decor and had the brilliant idea that I'd just paint my own. Well as most of you all know from reading prior entries on my blog...creative painting isn't exactly my forte but back summer before last I was trying really hard to learn to tole paint. So I thought ohh an abstract painting want be's just slapping some paint on canvas's and going with it. NOT TRUE! I absolutely hate these paintings and am going to redo them as soon as I can check a few more things off of my list. Not positive about what to do but you can bet that it will be low budget and will eventually turn into something that I can live with...
 I still don't have all the pretty accessories for the room bought yet...I'm working on it a little at a time. I did however grab another new lamp with the pretty robins egg blue shade to put on the trunk in the corner. That lamp simply was not working at all. I am however getting used to the idea of not having as many cha chas in the room. That was a goal of mine when I started this simplify my life or in simply words...less to dust.
Here is a picture of the computer area with the mirror that I found on craigslist and painted and the trunk that I redid. I still need to put my new handles on the trunk and when Suzie was here this summer she antiqued the metal parts for me real nice. Thank you Suzie! I still have the toppers to make for the french doors in that room as well and a like I said it still needs some accessories. But that is the makeover for in there.
I have more to share with you so I'll move right along...look for next post......bye for now....

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