Saturday, July 23, 2011

7 months in Fast Forward.....part 2

I should of titled this post as "A Big Truck, A Big Storm and a Bad Meal" But I didn't and now it's to late so anyway, This is what all was going on in the Brown household during the months of March and April. First off, my son finally got the truck of his dreams. He traded in the Jeep Grand Cherokee that I had given him for this one. He talked about this truck so much that even myself (someone who isn't mechanically inclined) was starting to understand what a diesel Cummings engine was and so he's in seventh heaven now.
 Can't you just tell how happy he is by looking at this picture??? Boys and their toys! Blue is his favorite color too on top of everything else!
 Then April hit Candy Creek......This was the months where there were so many people losing everything and in some cases their lives in the horrible tornadoes across the country. Here at my house it had become a routine thing to pack up and go to the other side of the lake to get in his full basement when a tornado was headed our way or when a severe storm was predicted with high winds. See We live with large trees surrounding our home and it gets pretty scary here sometimes. So when we see that happening we just load up and head to the other side of the cove to my brother in law's house. However, We were extremely blessed that one of those trees or one of the tornadoes didn't take everything we own with it. However we did have a huge tree from a neighbors property land on ours and blocked up from getting in our driveway. You can see the root of the tree in the above picture.
 This picture above is showing our neighbors dock and what happened to it. I tried to count and I believe that there were 5 different trees down on their property. It was so sad to see it.
 Here is a picture of my son standing beside one of the trunks. You can see how it was just twisted off and also you can see another tree or maybe 2 more in the background that got it as well.
 Ok first off...let me say this.. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER get out of bed if you have taken your ambien to sleep! See there are a lot of lasts this yr. Since my son is turning 18 in Sept then Easter would be his last one that possibly he would be here to celebrate with us but if not that it will for sure be his last one as.....should I say child?? young man? anyway he isn't 18 yet so I wanted to make it special. My husband had to spend the weekend at his dad's and so I just wanted something nice that I had made for my son and myself and for my husband once he was able to come home that weekend. Well I had told my best friend Suzie the night before that it would be nice to get a jump start on my Easter dinner. Little did she or myself know at the time that I would in FACT get up in the middle of the night and start cooking! My son came home late that night and came to the bedroom and said mom do you know that the oven is on and something is in the oven? He said I told him not to worry about it and go on to he did......well apparently even later on in the night I had this brilliant idea that I would go ahead and make my deviled eggs as well........ok look at the picture above to see what I retrieved out of the oven the following morning in sure SHOCK! and look below at my deviled eggs. The poor things look like they need a hair cut or were made specifically for cousin IT (The Addams Family...remember him?)
 I found these eggs in the refrigerator when I woke up as well after I had discovered the "ham" and at that point all that I could do was laugh!! I mean seriously what else can you do. I must of not been able to make up my mind that I wanted to put paprika on them or dill weed as a garnishment soooo what do I do while I am sleep cooking? I use BOTH! If it's worth noting I do have to say they were still pretty good....they didn't look pretty but tasted pretty. The ham is a different story though....
as you can see brave brave son tried a piece of ham and well the reaction and look on his face says it all! Poor child! I was trying so incredibly hard to do something special for us and it seems that everything in my life works out like that....the harder I try the worse I mess things up. So that was a lesson learned for sure for all of us. It's a wonder the ham hadn't burst into flames and caught the house on fire.....soooo never again will I even think about cooking after taking my sleeping pill at night.

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