Sunday, July 24, 2011

7 months in Fast Forward.....part 4

 Ok again I should name this one...a chicken, a turtle and some eggs....let me explain. My son told me that it was his girlfriends birthday soon and told me what he wanted to get her. When we were taking the prom pictures someone there had some cute little chicks that they were using to take their Easter pictures with and my sons girlfriend just loved them. So of course Austin thought that was exactly what he would get her for her birthday. I mean after all she does live on a that was the perfect thing.....BUT I got to can't just walk in to a birthday party with an old ugly cage with a chick in it. So I wrapped a box really pretty, added some ribbon for a closure and used a large hang tag as his card. This was her 16th birthday party so I wanted her to at least have a pretty box to receive her cute little present in....
 Then the turtle. My sister in law called us and was screaming that there was a huge turtle on her patio and could her brother (my husband) come get rid of it for her because it was larger than one of her little dogs. Trust me on this one....the box does NOT do it justice! That thing was HUGE! So my turtle wrangler husband and I went down and hubby got rid of it for her. Poor turtle had been out of water for a while it looked like...he's in a big ole pond in a field behind our house now....lets hope he stays there and doesn't wander back onto either of our properties.
and of course the eggs! I have birds build nest every year on both my front and back decks. The little wrens aren't so bad...they hardly make a mess at all and I actually love to watch them work feeding their babies and then when the day comes that the momma and daddy bird teaches them to fly...the will hop all around on my front deck and even with me out there...they will hop right up to me and will allow me to talk to them and's so sweet and special and they have been doing that for years. However, the robin birds are a totally different story. They are constantly making a mess! And they leave "droppings" all over everything. But their eggs are soooo pretty!! and they make prettier nest as well. So I thought this yr..ok I'm gonna deal with you this one year just because I want to use your pretty nest for decoration on the inside of my house. Now I know some of you all are thinking I'm nuts. But I was reading about this on another blog and I found out that I can take the nest and put it in a plastic bag and spray it full of bug killer and then it will be just fine after that. I want to get one of the dome glass tops to put over it to have it on display in my home since I so love bird house and bird cages.......

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