Saturday, September 25, 2010

A mini album for Debbie.... :)

Hi everyone....or should I say good morning. It's 4 a.m. here and I'm wide awake. I woke up with a burst of energy and for the life of me I can't go back to sleep. So I'm going to try to catch up on posting some things. This is a mini album that I made for my sweet dear friend that is also like a sister to me. When I went on my trip to Oklahoma to see Suzie (the other sis) , Debbie wasn't able to go so I thought, hmmm what better way for her to see everything that went on. Plus she can have something to laugh about from time to time as she looks at the album. So here goes..
The mini is yet another one of the Z fold album using the 6" x 9" envelopes. I love using these because you can get so many pictures in them and I needed a lot of room to hold alllll the pictures that were took. I used My Minds Eye Laundry Line paper and I just love it. It has glitter and shimmer all over it and is just wonderful to work with.
On the first flap pocket instead of using 2 tags like I have previously. I made a tri-fold card, again so I could take advantage of every space possible.
Oh how I just loved this page. Quite a while back I was watching a youtube video and saw this lady make this little photo wallet using just one sheet of 12"x 12" double sided paper and so when I had all these pictures before me that I wanted to put together, I remembered  the video and thought....peeeerfect! So I used a Making Memories metal arrow as my latch. I so wish that I could remember the name of the lady that I saw make this so that I could give her proper credit. I'm so sorry for being so forgetful. Ok so now you turn the little metal arrow and....
Waaaa Laaaa! You just keep opening each section and there you have all 15 photos on one 12"x 12" paper! Yes that wasn't a typo...I said 15! There are photos on the back of the pictures you see here as well. I have to admit though it does make your album a bit on the chunky side but that's ok....I'll worry about the binding later. I had planned on using my bind it all but may have to resort to lacing it up with some pretty ribbon...which will be pretty as well I think.....
Ok now that the little wallet is all folded back up you can see the large tag that pulls out. I used a Prima flower and some bling for my pull tab.
Ok now here we are at the flaps that I made with the pretty paper. This time I didn't make pockets at the top of the flaps like I normally do. Ok I'll tell you a little secret...I'm not real pleased with how this turned out. I think that when I got to this page it was time that I turn the lights out in the craft room and close the door behind me so that I could think straight again. Do any of you all ever have moments where you've scrapped for so long that your just brain dead and when you go back and look at something you've done you think to yourself...."what was I thinking????" Well that's the case here with me. I had bought myself a new Martha Stewart border punch and I was playing with it and this was the outcome. Please be gentle with the comments. However, if you have an idea of how to make the page look better please please leave me a comment and let me know.
And here is the last page....again go easy on me with the new punch....this side doesn't look as bad as the other side but I'm still not completely satisfied with it. The quotes throughout the album are from K & Company the Brenda Walton line.
Well that's all I have to share for this page. Like I said please feel free to leave me a comment if you have ANY suggestions at all on how I can make the flap on this page look better.
Ok so I went back and counted and in this mini alone there are 23 pictures!
I think that I'll get in the hot tub and soak for a bit to see if it will relax me so I can go back to sleep. I'm hoping that no one else is up at this time of the morning and that your all having sweet dreams!
I'll post the next page real soon. Hmmmm if I can't sleep it may turn out to be sooner than I think.
Night all and come back to see me soon.............

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  1. Hi! WOW girl..I love your pages...the one that holds 15 pics is pretty impressive!!!! I love it! For me its all about the pictures and that holds alot a mini with 3 of those pages thats 45 pics!!! You are going to be a tad surprised with my halloween mini...i didnt use designer paper...I know right!! I used solid DWVC black, purple, yellow and orange from their Fall collection 2009. I was going for this creepy look and well Im not sure if Im happy with it yet or not! lol Can't wait to see the paper you ordered...THANKS for the hint on the bling site..I sure will give it a try Im all for saving a buck! Have a great weekend!!