Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dollar Tree haul 9-29-10.....

Hey everyone here is part of my haul from Dollar Tree today. The other stuff was just things like shampoo, body sprays and such...nothing exciting. The above picture is the view of all of it but I had to do some close ups so you could see some of the things a little better.
Ok don't laugh, but I found some mini tiaras combs that I plan on cutting the backs off of and using in crafts some way or another. It will be a challenge but will be a fun one. The little pearl tipped bobby pins will for sure go in scrapbooks...I thought they were just darling.
EEEEEK! It's a mouse! I despise mice but I have some Halloween paper ordered to make a couple mini albums and I needed something three dimensional to put in them. I also found another pack that has a plastic rubbery bat in it but I forgot to take a picture of it.
Oh my word!!! I found the most beautiful snowflakes ever was today. They have the ones in the plastic packaging in an assorted of sizes but I liked this size cause I for sure plan on using them on layouts and in mini albums. Yes people I'm sorry I'm just hooked on making my own albums right now.
Hey Rudolph! I found these two heavily glittered reindeer with jingle bells around there necks and yep you guessed a mini album or on a page layout for sure!
Aren't these doves beautiful??? They are heavily glittered as well and I'm planning on making a wedding mini album and thought that these 2 doves would be pretty on the front cover somehow...what do you think? They are really vintage looking.
And last but certainly not least! I found these GORGEOUS coffee cups! The had the plates and bowls to match but I have to be careful cause I already have 3 sets of dishes and really don't need anymore but I just had to get the cups cause they go with my decor in the kitchen. Then the lidded glass jars in the center I'm going to use to store small things in in the craft room.
Well that's all for this shopping day! I'm exhausted but for some reason can not sleep.

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