Saturday, September 25, 2010

3rd page to Debbie's mini album.....

Ok I'm going to try to go ahead and get this third page on the blog tonight. Pray that I am able to keep my eyes open long enough to do it.
Here is the front cover with the same flap that I used on the first page. I used some Prima flowers, some punched butterflies and some bought sticker butterflies. I loooove me some butterflies for sure!
Here you can see that this is another tri-fold card/mini album in itself that tucks in the front pocket. Start keeping up with just how many pictures I was able to get into this page...I'll give you a grand total at the end.
The "Gangsta" sign is just a little inside joke that me and my sisters have. Don't read anything else into other than the fact that we looooove to be silly.
Here is the pull out large tag I like the way that I was able to get a punched pink border around that picture. I'll share something with you after I show you the rest of this page.
Ok this looks a bit different huh? well I decided to make a pull out "photo card" on the front of the flap this time. I used some Prima flowers and a K & Company fabric brad as my center as well as just a plain little pink paper clip to hold the pages together until they want to be opened.
Boom! There you have it! A place for 4 more pictures.
Then on the back of the flap is yet another picture as well as 2 more pictures on the very back page. Now lets many pictures did I manage to get into this page in total? 13 on this one. There is one picture that you can't see that's on the back of the tri fold mini that goes in the front pocket.
Now that I've shown you all the ones that I have made so far that means I'm going to have to get busy in the morning to start wrapping this project up.
Now what I was going to tell you. I probablyshould have just told you all in a separate post BUT it doesn't matter I don't suppose. I'm extremely new to making mini albums. Back when I started scrapbooking it was 11 yrs ago and I was doing nothing but 12 x 12 layouts and everything was flat! I wouldn't hardly ever put anything with any dimension in my albums. And so many things have changed since then. So many new tools, so many more options as far as supplies. And then the big craze of making mini albums. I personally am loving making those but have so far to go in making some gorgeous ones like I've seen some others make. I myself can already see where I'm growing just a bit as far as the mini albums go. I would make them and then not embellish them at all. So bare with me, stick around and watch me evolve into hopefully something inspiring for you all! Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you later!

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  1. Hello!

    Love your album - so many details and wonderful variations! Great project!

    Wishing you well!


    Barbara Diane