Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Witch Shoes....

Hey and welcome back! Well this is what I've been up today. I made a couple pair of witches shoes and they were soooo much fun to make. I had actually cut out the pattern, stuffed and painted them last night and had to wait til this morning to sand them down and finish up with the details. I have to say this has been one of more fun projects that I've done in awhile. I'm not real big into decorating for Halloween but do have a few things. I like more fall, Thanksgiving decorations than I do the spook holiday but I have to admit....making these along with the little witch that I showed you earlier has made me want to. I'll be making more of these today...or starting on them anyway. I'll be leaving on Friday for mine and my husbands 10th anniversary. A little get away just the two of us. Yippeee So I'll need to pack and prepare for that tomorrow and then when we return on Sunday I can flip the switch back on to my sewing machine and get back to work. I'm hoping that these will sell well come next fall.
Then this pair was a special request from my friend Brenda. She had sent me a picture of some similar to these so I whipped these up in no time. They are so fun! I hope that she's happy with them.
Well I'm heading back to the craft room to see how much more that I can get done. Hope that everyone is having a nice fall day. It's been chilly here....brrr

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  1. They are just what I wanted...YOU are the BEST!!!! Thank you so much.