Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Wonderful Gift....and even more precious friend!

I had lunch with my wonderful friend Brenda today and look what she brought me for my birthday....now I know my birthday was back in June but I hadn't got to spend any time with her since the end of May and so we were a bit late getting to celebrate. I just had to share with you all the pretties that she got me cause they are just to darling.
First off the mannequin is just too cha cha for words. The pictures don't do the scrapbook justice at all it's way prettier and has a raised surface over the flowers. The air freshner is beautiful, it has pink beads in the bottom of it, has pink pearls around the rim and smells like lavender....that will make my bedroom smell just heavenly. Then there's 2 cute stamps for scrapbooking, card making or whatever along with a pumpkin pie candle and some pumpkin room freshner. So she has me ready all ready for fall. Then the socks have aloe in them and those will feel sooooo good at night while I'm sitting around watching tv, blogging or just snuggling up. The little pillow says Cherish also smells like lavender....it's yummy. All of these things are so wonderful. She really went overboard for my birthday when all that I could of ever wished for is spending the day with her out junkin' and of course TJMaxx (which we did those things as well). I'm so blessed to have her as a friend and thank my lucky stars that she's part of my life. We lost contact with one another for so many years so we are getting to play catch up now and it's sooooo much fun! Thanks again Brenda, your kind heartedness NEVER goes unnoticed.
Now ya'll come on back soon cause I've got to share with you what all I found while we were junkin' today....it was another good day for it.

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