Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A true trash to treasure....

Yep I meant it when I said this was a true trash to treasure. I needed to do something with the trash can that sat on our back deck that we keep our dog food in and since we don't have a garage then hiding it back there was not an option. So my only other option was to dress it up a bit. I took a roll of wallpaper that I already had on hand that was leftover from a previous project and ripped it into little pieces and used Modge Podge to glue it on the can. It gave it a marbled look. Oops let me back up. I first spray painted my handles cause I knew that I'd never get those covered with the wallpaper. Then I started ripping and gluing.
Ta da! There you have it, a trash can that's worthy of sitting out and being on display rather than an eyesore. I do have to say one thing though about this project. I didn't put a sealer on it and it only lasted about 2 years without it where I'm sure that it would of lasted a lot longer had I sealed it with something so be sure to put some kind of sealer on it. The project really didn't take me that long at all and I need to do another one....I cheated this time and just bought a black trash can to conceal everything and keep it in the dry. Hmmmm maybe I need to add that to my long list of to do projects.

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