Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Table for 4......Complete!

Well FINALLY I was able to finish the table and chairs for the kitchen......I've had the chairs done for a bit now but it took me a little longer to get the table painted. I've had numerous setbacks with my health and wasn't able to get it done. But Ta Da now it's complete and I'm loving it. I can't hardly wait til Christmas gets here so I can go ahead and decorate the table. I plan on making me some new placemats just for the holidays and adding some small wreaths that will hang on the backs of the chairs. Will be adding a large wide mouthed glass vase and adding robins egg blue Christmas balls along with some silver ones. Oh in my vision it looks really pretty, lets just hope that it all pulls together.
Well that's all for the moment that I have to share with you except for one more thing but you'll have to come back to see it........

1 comment:

  1. That turned out awesome.. I LOVE it in black.. It looks brand new ! After just seeing it in stained brown in AUG. when we were's hard to believe its the same set.. YOU did it again sis !