Thursday, April 3, 2014

6 x 6 boxes from cardstock...

 Hi everyone! I'm so sorry this post is just a tad out of order because obviously it should of been posted on Valentine's Day BUT...these boxes can be made for any holiday or occasion. I made three of them this year for my husband, son and mom. But by simply changing the card stock and embellishments you can customize them to whatever you chose. I saw Bona from Livelovescrap make these and the only difference was that she didn't put a window in hers with acetate.
 They are super simple to make and I had planned and still plan to do a tutorial for these so you can make some yourself. Or you can skip on over to Livelovescrap and find the tutorial that Bona did yourself. I made all three of these in about an hour from start to finish.
I used Velcro for a closure in the back and even with all of that candy in them they really were steady and didn't fall apart. Of course my only suggestion would be to use the heavier card stock.
So this is a tutorial that you will be seeing on here soon.
 I started my spring cleaning on yesterday and so far have logged 20 hours cleaning. Of course when I spring clean like most everything in the house gets a good "baptizing" and that takes time. I even wash my walls down. Why I do this when we don't even build fires in our fireplace is beyond me but it's something that I've always done. It's what my mom, aunts and cousins do as well. I know not everyone does that but we do. I decided to start with my two largest rooms this year and allot myself a full month to get everyone on the inside done while the pollen is falling and then May I can start the outside cleaning. I did get off schedule a tad today because when I took my curtains down in the kitchen to wash them I was in the laundry room and thought that it would be a good idea to just go ahead and do that room as well today since it's adjacent to the kitchen. So I'm glad to say that my kitchen and laundry room are both done and completed now. Tomorrow, I just need to wipe the inside of my stove out. I turned it on automatic clean today but you all know how you have to always go back and get the icky out. I would of done it tonight but my back just wouldn't allow me to get down in the floor again. So I'll start out with that in the morning by finishing the stove and then will be heading into the second largest room in the house....the living room. I don't have loads and loads of cabinets to clean out and such so maybe it want be to terribly bad. I can't complain to much about cabinets though...really the only one that was out of hand in the kitchen and not neat and orderly was the one underneath my kitchen sink and it was a hot mess and then some! I'd love to find a better organized way to keep my cleaning supplies all nice and neat. I've seen the stacked wire baskets under some sinks before but I don't think that would work for me because of the height of my cleaner bottles. So if you have a solution and possibly a link for a picture to give me some ideas I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave the picture link in the comments below.
It was gorgeous here today. I'm not sure what the temperature got up to but it felt much more like a nice warm spring day and made me long to do something outside rather than inside but I'm containing myself and waiting until all the pollen has fallen before I start outside. Have you all started your spring cleaning????
Ok well, it's late so I need to get myself to sleep so I will feel refreshed for another hard day of super cleaning. I am going to do a tutorial though for these little boxes real soon so you can see how simple they are to make.
Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave me a comment if you can think of a solution for my under the sink cleaning supply problem.

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