Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Jar Jewels".....

 Hmmm well I wonder if that got your attention??? Did the fact that I titled this post "Jar Jewels" entice you enough to take a peek? I really didn't know what else to call these but love the idea so it's going to stick. These jars were originally those little Starbucks bottles with the oh so yummy vanilla flavored frappuccino in them. I simply peeled off the label and gave them a good scrubbing to get the expiration mark off the bottle as well as the majority of the gummy junk from the label and then spray painted my lids with black paint.
 I knew that I was going to use some of the pretty ribbon that I had before when I made the other glass jars to organize some of my things in (you can see that post further back) but I had been sitting around trying to recover from this never ending crud that I can't seem to shake and had made these little "jewels" not really knowing what I was going to do with them once they were done. As I was looking at the first one I thought that it resembled a crown and a light went off!!! Why YES a crown for my little jars! So this is what the final outcome was. I will also note that as I was setting the "crown jewel" on top that plain old painted lid just didn't seem luxurious enough so I used some of the crushed velvet trim that I had used on the glass part of the jar itself and made it appear that the "jewels" were on a crushed velvet cushion. Oh yes that was it. That was exactly what it needed. Now I will have yet another something pretty to sit in my craft room to not only help me organize but to look pretty as well. And what was my cost you say? Well considering the fact that I bought the Starbucks to drink anyway and all the other things I already had on hand it was virtually a free project and in my doesn't get any better than that!
Want to learn how to make your own "jewels"? My inspiration came from here .
Have a good day all and drink up!

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