Monday, January 21, 2013

Money Book....

 Hey All! I know this is really late at getting posted so please forgive me. I thought about not posting it at all but then realized this isn't just for Christmas, it can be used for any occasion. Just change up the paper and run with it.
 If you fold the bills up in 3 sections it helps to fill your book better....(and if you use one dollar bills it want cost you a small fortune to make a nice thick book ) I used embroidery thread to "bind" the book.
The look on my niece and nephews faces was priceless when they opened theirs. They must of thought they had struck gold.
It reminded me of when I was a little girl and my papaw and granny would come over for Christmas he would give us kids some type of container or something another that he would put a little bit of money in. I'm so thankful that I'm so sentimental about things cause I happen to save the last one that he gave me. It was an emptied prescription bottle (this was back when they had pop top lids) and he had ripped a little bit of Christmas paper so that the outside of the bottle would be pretty. Then on the lid he wrote who it was for and who it was from. Of course the money has long been spent, but I kept that little medicine bottle that was so loving thought of by my papaw and granny.
I wasn't able to do any shopping whatsoever this Christmas cause I have been in the hospital and having tests run since I've been out so this Christmas had to be a different kind of Christmas. I look forward to a better one this year.
Take care all
ohhhh wait......I need to let you all know what I got for Christmas'll have to look for the next post though.

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