Friday, October 5, 2012

Diaper baby bassinet and "Baby clothes candy"...

 I'm sure that you all have seen one of these by now cause I found a picture of it on Pinterest as well. I'm not sure how many diapers it took to make it but it helped lighten the diaper box a little.
 After making this I was looking at how the back side looked and thought how easy and sweet it would be to turn the baby carriage into looking like a little covered wagon. All you would have to do is use a red or blue bandanna and for the wheels you could always cut out a circle and draw lines on it to look like spokes and use double sided tape. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever am in need of another boy baby shower gift.
I lost a few of my clothes candies when I was carrying them to the kitchen to take a picture but I figured that this would give you an idea and you didn't have to see how many I made just what they looked like when they were finished. I saw this on Pinterest as well. It's just onsies, wash clothes and baby bibs rolled up. Super simple as well. The only thing that I found the 90% of the things I made was that it would of been nice to had another set of hands to help me hold some things.
Come on back cause I'm not done with the baby stuff yet...I still have more diapers to use up....
p.s. I meant to tell you that on the back of each one of the little "candies" I punched out a round tag that tells the expectant mom what exactly is inside.

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