Friday, October 5, 2012

Is it a Stork or is it a Goose? Baby gift....

 Well which is it? Neither way it doesn't really matter I don't suppose cause it helped me use up more diapers!! This was actually my first idea when I sat out to get a gift and then it just kind of evolved due to the amount of diapers I bought. I had made a towel swan, goose, stork whatever you want to call it this summer and placed it on the guest bed when my brother and his yougest son came to visit and I thought it would be neat to make one similar to that and have a basket on its back made of diapers to hold extra little gifties so this is the outcome of that thought.
As you can see I placed all of the baby clothes candies inside the basket as well. Hope that this sparks some creative imaginations out there and if you do something similar will you please send me pictures so I can see them as well.
Stick around cause those diapers still aren't used up yet....There is one more post to come for the baby gift ideas.

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