Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Revamping an old picture frame beachy style!

 Hey everyone! Now that I can FINALLY post pictures again on blogspot I thought I'd share some things with you that I've been making. For those of you that have been reading my blog for a couple of years, you'll remember that I had posted pictures of how I had turned old fishing lures into artwork and had it hanging on my covered deck. Well after all these years and with blowing rains and all the mat board that I used started warping and I needed to do something else. Well, ever since Christmas I had been trying to think of something different to hang over my mantle in the living room and then remembered that the frame I had used for the "fishing lure art" was still in fine shape. Matter of fact it perfect since it reminds me of driftwood. So here is how it all started...
 Ever wonder how some peoples thought process works. Well mine usually starts out bouncing ideas off my best friend and sis Suzie from over at Happy Shack after I've already gotten something like the above picture going. See I just started grabbing things that I randomly had on hand here at home and then when I get stuck.....YEP you guessed it. Suzie usually fills in the blanks. And this time she LITERALLY DID! I knew I wanted to use some of these pearls because my mom's best friend had sent us her mothers stash of pearls and beads and such and so when I use them I make sure that I put on a project that I'll always remember her by. (Thank you Nancy again for them!)
Ok I'm not a hoarder but....some things from my childhood I have held on to for dear life and those pukka shell beads.....well those are uhhh just a little on the "older" side since I got those the first time that I ever saw the ocean as a small child and yes I've held on to them ever since. Well they weren't doing my any good just sitting around so I knew that I'd use those. But what in the world else will I find? So since Suzie is so good at mosaic and knows all about that she suggested using some sea glass and lots more shells and we both decided that the mat board was going to have to be that beautiful robin's egg blue that I love so much and that color is already in my living room so it was a no brainer. (Thank you Suzie for the sea glass and more shells! As well as letting me pick your brain all the time.)
So anyway, there is how I try to work a project out that is in my head and what I do when I get stuck on a project. What do you do when you get stuck? I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a great day all and I have more to show you hopefully today. I'm so behind in my sharing.
Bye for now

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  1. I love how that turned out Sis.. The puka shells u have had forever and the pearls make the piece special. It is so funny when we talk on the phone, and start talking about the projects we are working on or are stuck on, soon we bounce ideas and then OMG the ideas are flowing so fast we have to write them down, and then hurry hurry and work on it cuz we are soo motivated from our talks. Now.. I need u to give me a boot in the behind so I can get my boyfriend jeans started.. my motivation is lacking lol.. Love you.. You are so creative !