Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not a boring ole fireplace anymore...

Ok so here is what I had been trying my best to post for you all ever since I took down my Christmas decorations back around the first week or so of January and for some reason blogspot was having issues. (Nope this time is was not me!)
I loved using the candles in the fireplace so much during the holidays that I just couldn't bare not having anything pretty in it after all the Christmas decor was taken down and packed away. And since we don't burn firewood because of our allergies then it just sits there as a boring old black box. Well not anymore! Yippee! Just add a few sea shells a little fish net and waa laa there you have it. Hey it may not seem like a big deal to you all but if you had to look at something boring and ho hum all the time then you would see where I'm coming from here. Its a huge improvement I say.
Have a great day everyone...there's more to come but I'm not sure if I should overload you all right now with a ton of posts or try to spread them out a little.

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