Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Memory of our oldest fur baby Hank....

 Please look through the pictures of our Hank's life and then you can read the post at the end. The boy in the pictures are of my son at varied ages.

 I told Austin that Hank was bringing red clay mud in the house and making it a mess in the laundry room. Next thing I know........here was Austin's solution to that problem. (you have how kids think)
 Hank LOVED snow!!!

 He ruined the largest hosta I've ever grown by sitting in the center of it. But he was so sweet I couldn't even get upset over it.

 He pulled Austin around in the lake all the time when Austin was little.

 Austin would throw acorns and Hank would catch them. They loved that game in the fall.

We lost Hank on New Years Eve/New Years Day of this year. As my husband and I were watching the ball drop I went to check on Hank to see if he needed to go outside to potty or if he would like a treat and what I found will haunt me FOREVER! He was in so much pain and it was evident. I want go into details because it's still hard enough as it is to even think about Hank. But trust me he was in bad shape. So Mr. Candy Creek called our son home from his girlfriends house so we could get Hank loaded into the back of the truck. He weighed to much for me to be of any help at all lifting him. Gerald took him to the Pet Emergency Clinic that is right here close to our home. Sadly, they informed my husband that he had cancer and one of the tumors had ruptured and that he was dying. So they went ahead and let Hank go painless and peacefully. It was a really bad start to say the least to our New Year.
As you can see through the pictures above, Hank was out constant companion no matter what we were doing. He always met my son Austin at the top of the hill when he came home from school every day. Anytime that we were at the boat dock Hank was right there with us and ready to ride whatever water craft we put him on. He just loved being with us. He even played basketball with Austin when he was younger and loved it. It wasn't until the last 3 yrs that we had to be HIS constant companion and move him into the house. We converted a bathroom that was close to the back door into his personal little room and made it as comfortable for him as we possible could. That little room of his was where he spent his final hour being loved on petted and caressed. We had Hank for 13 yrs and he was a rescue dog. He came to us at 1 yr old and was such a good dog. Our hearts will have a permanent scar on it from the loss of this sweet precious lab/chow mix.
Had I known what was going to happen. I wouldn't of hesitated in my decision of getting Zoe for Christmas. Because she has really helped us heal some. I was concerned that Hank might of thought that we got Zoe and he would be pushed aside. Which wasn't true at all and Hank loved Zoe and visa versa. Zoe would sneak off every single day and go lay down with Hank and he would scoot over to give her room to lay on his bed with him. He soo loved little dogs. The last thing he did that day before getting so bad was he gave Zoe a kiss. It was so sweet. I pray that our hearts heal quickly and if there is such a thing as a doggie heaven I'm sure he's in it.
Thanks for stopping by and celebrating Hanks life with us...

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  1. I will miss seeing Hank when we go "camp" at your house. He was always waiting near the front porch, to give u a warning bark that I was up and heading into the house. The way he hung out at the lake edge till we got back from a boat ride, or him just hanging down at the dock watching me knock my camera into the lake.. Good times, RIP Hank !