Monday, January 21, 2013

My Dream Came True this Christmas....

 Here she is!! NO NO NO! Not the crazy lady wearing similar pajamas like Little Ralphie's in the Christmas Story. Over look her. Look at the sweet little baby in the stocking! I have been wanting one of these breeds for YEARS now! And can not believe that I got finally got one. I almost told my husband no don't get her. Can you believe that?? Well if you knew how bad my health has been lately you would understand but I decided that she might be a good therapy dog for me and so far she has proven to be just that. She's precious! She's laid back and not real needy at all. I've named her Zoe Grace.
 She is a Biewer Terrier. They originate in Germany and are kind of rare in the United States right now. Rare as meaning you can't find these as readily as you could say a Yorkie.
Yes I'm in puppy love! She's so precious! On the days that I do feel like going to the craft room and working and doing something I really don't want to NOT play with her. She's so doggon' darling I just want to stay with her. But she's not demanding of attention. Today I didn't feel like staying out of bed much and she was fine with that. She just curls up in her little bed and sleeps until I get up to get something to drink or eat and she will greet me to say HI. If any of you are considering a little house dog. I highly recommend this breed. She was pretty much potty trained by the time that we got her at 12 weeks and I've been training her tricks and she caught on to very fast. So its a smart breed as well.
So now that's you've met my new fur baby girl.....I'm out of here to play with her before its time to lay her down to sleep for the night.

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