Friday, September 28, 2012

Blue Jean Apron

Hey everyone! Hope that you all are having a good day. I've been busy busy busy here lately and thought that I'd show you one of the maaaany things that I've been working on. I took a pair of my son's jeans that wouldn't fit him anymore and some of my leftover scraps from the vintage market cart project and turned it into this! When you put it on you can't help but to smile and want to priss around in it. Even my mom did when I put it on her! I have 3 more pair waiting in the wings to be all dolled up. But I have been working on another project that needed to get done before the weather got so bad and I'll be sharing that project with you once its all completed so be sure to come back soon and check that out.
p.s. Sorry I don't own a dress form to display my cute little apron on so I had to go with what I had and use my card display. (its ok you all can giggle about it but it worked!)

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