Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vintage shopping cart gets a facelift....

 Hi everyone! Remember this little shopping cart that I was so fortunate to run across while out junkin' a couple of weekends ago? Well I have been wanting one of these forever and was thrilled when this was sitting there waiting on me to take her home. So I've been busy making her all pretty and frilly. I was so excited to show the end result with you all that I snapped the pictures before I even ironed it so overlook all of the wrinkles please.
Look how cute it turned out!!! I want to find me an vintage costume brooch to add to the front of her because she's been asking for a little bling. (yes I talk to her, matter of fact the more I embellished and added to her the more her personality came together)
 This back pocket is something that I had bought several years ago. It is suppose to be attached to a baby crib to put diapers or whatever in but will be the handiest thing ever for small things, bottled water, snacks ect.
 I added a pocket on the inside as well that would be large enough to put small things in as well and added a little bit of velcro to keep it closed
 The old lace curtains and fabric roses make me smile!
 Then I ran across this little wire basket that was originally used to put golf balls in. I made a little liner for it as well and it will sit just as you see it in the picture to put breakables in and if I find that I need more room in the cart then I can always hang the smaller basket off of the handle of the cart and tie it off with a ribbon. Yes I'm thinking ahead.....that might just save me a trip back to the car to unload and possibly miss a great find!
Here is the basket out of the cart. Please remember that both liners need a good ironing. On top of that....remember that I've never claimed to be a great seamstress but I do well enough to get by. Not bad for a girl who didn't even know how to thread a sewing machine until she got married much less sew! Thank you Mr. Candy Creek for teaching me how to sew and for buying me my first machine!
Well I'm off to heat my iron up and have already started working on another project to share with everyone so come on back soon. Hope that everyone has a good day!

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  1. Robin you did an excellent job of making the liner/covers.. SOO precious..won't it be fun to go junking with this beauty and I know you will be swamped with compliments and "where can I get one, and ooohs and ahhhs " You should have plenty of spots to carry your haul! Love the lace and the flowers !!