Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mirror my liking now!

 Hey everyone! Well I'm finally getting around to showing you the mirror that I painted last week. I've been busy and hadn't downloaded the pictures but have them for you now. Remember I had told you that I found this mirror in a local classified ad for only $40 and it's HUGE! But I didn't like the color cause it wasn't going along with the color scheme that I'm gonna have going on in the living room soooo what's a girl to do???? But......
Grab your paint brush and get busy. After a couple coats of primer and 2 coats of black paint and waaa laaaa there we have it. Perfect! I just loved this mirror the instant that I laid eyes on it and emailed the owners immediately to arrange to pick it up. I'm running so far behind on the remodeling/redecorating of the living room. I've had a lot of things going on this month and it's slowed my schedule down but that's ok. I have to take my time on things anyway although my brain says GET IT DONE FAST AND NOW! Oh well if only my body could keep up with my brain.....I would be like supergirl if that could happen. But I have the rest of winter to get this project done.....I just hate starting something and it drag out forever. I'm still looking for inspiration as to what to hang on my fireplace now that I've taken the wreath off. Not sure if I want some kind of picture, or a nice metal piece with lots of scroll work in it or what yet....I'm kind of at a stand still thinking about that as well as what I'm going to sit on the mantel and the other little nick knacks sitting around. I'm really trying to simplify things so that those few things like my trunks will be focal pieces and I don't want a lot of other things taking away from those. I plan on hanging this mirror on the wall above the trunk that I just redid. There are several different colors that are going on in the room and so I guess that I'll just have to call this style that I'm going for is eclectic/traditional because I'll have the black, and oak pieces as well as the desk that I restored for my husband that he uses for his computer desk. But I think that it will all come together (hopefully) well. Lets see....I still need to find a rug for the room as well and I may have to buy some new sheers to hang on my french doors in that room cause I don't know if the ones I already have will work or not. Today I painted the inside of my fireplace and had already painted the brass that were on the glass doors to black to give it a more updated look. I still need to go outside and get the two cement planters that I plan on sitting on either side of the hearth with topiary in them. Only problem is....I can't find any topiary!!! If you know where I can find some pretty fake ones...of course please please leave me a comment and let me know where I can find some. I checked Hobby Lobby but no luck there. I have to tell you I'm really excited to get rid of the "country/traditional" look in that room. For almost 12 years now I tried my best to decorate the house inside to match the outside which is cedar siding to look like a log home....but that's NOT really my style but I did it because my husband liked it that way.....well 12 years is long it's time for my style to shine through....I still have to keep in mind though that it can't get to frilly or shabby chic on him. I got away with that in the master bedroom but not sure that I could get away with it again. So I want push my luck. I realized earlier this week that I need one more lamp for the living room as well....I showed you all the 2 lamps that I found but since the lighting in that room is sooooo bad I really need another lamp but I think I have a solution to that problem and the solution should be a quick and easy fix.....use an existing lamp that I have and change the shade...easy enough and so what if they don't match....the style after all is eclectic/traditional so in my eyes when I think of that style I think.....anything that's appealing to myself. Lets small project will be to bring those cement planters inside clean them up real good and put a fresh coat of paint on them. Then on to making some toppers out of an extra panel curtain that I bought and then the big stuff. I'll be taking the strips off the walls and taping and mudding those then painting the ceiling, all the wood trim will be white and the walls will be a very lovely color called toasted cashew which is a very pretty light taupe/beige color that will make the white trim really pop! Boy oh boy now that I've listed everything that STILL needs to be done, it's made me exhausted just thinking about it.....oh well...I'll just move at a snails pace, really take my time so that I don't hurt my back even more that it already hurts and I'll get it done....I just have to stay at it and remain focused, making myself lots of lists.
So anyway, that's what all has been going on around the Brown house lately and why I've been MIA so to speak for a while. I'm busy busy busy. But hopefully I'll have those doors put back on the fireplace soon so I can show you what it looks like now.
Have a great day and stop back by and PLEASE if you have any suggestions on what to hang on my stacked stone fireplace please share your ideas with me. Thanks and I'll see ya soon!

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  1. Hello!

    I love how the mirror looks in black and the steamer trunk is outstanding! Beautiful work!

    I hope this finds you well and wishing you a great weekend!


    Barbara Diane