Monday, January 24, 2011

Another refurbished trunk....

 Good news and bad news......the good news is I'm pretty much done with refurbishing this old steamer trunk. The bad news....the before pictures that I took I didn't realize that I didn't have a memory card in my camera when I took them and so they really didn't take. My husband tried his best to see if he could get them off the camera and they are no where to be found. So I'll just tell you that this thing was kind of a mess before. Whoever painted it before I got it had gotten the ugly yellowish beige color all over parts of the wood so there was a lot of sanding that had to be done and most of the metal parts on it had been painting over with the same ugly color and weren't even noticeable unless you looked closely.
 The reason I said this trunk was "pretty much done" is because I don't have my new leather handles and end caps yet to redo on each end. Those are on there way though and will be the finishing touch to it. Those little "feet" that are on the bottom I didn't even realized they were there until I was refinishing this piece...they were covered with paint and blended in so well that they weren't noticeable at all.
 This is the back view.....
And here is a close up of the front latch. I used tung oil on all the wood after I did all the sanding to bring out the color of the wood and put some life back into it and used silver paint on all the metal parts. I lost count of how many hours I had in it but can tell you it was back breaking work BUT was so worth it and I'd do it again. I just love these old steamer trunks and think each time that I'm refurbishing one about all the miles that they have surely seen and about the owner that actually used them for there original purpose.
I'm pleased with how it came out and have moved on to painting that mirror that I found on a local classified ad. It's painted and complete now, it just needs to dry before I can share it with you. I decided to start with the miscellaneous things that are being changed in the living room before I dig into the ceiling, walls and trim in there. That way once the major painting is done I can put everything in it's place and not have to wait on the accessories to be done. I was hoping to have the entire living room done before the end of January but that's ok.....this isn't a small project and I have to take my time be extremely careful not to hurt my back and neck even worse.
If you also have one of these steamer trunks or see one but it looks rough...I hope this gives you an incentive to go ahead and grab it and can see by this post as well as the old post of the other trunk that I did a couple years ago that these pieces can make beautiful pieces in your decor.


  1. Hi Keyla, If you happen upon one that has all the parts on the inside that I refer to as the "guts". I wouldn't pay over $100 for it. Here in my area I run across them for that with the insides still in them but have never and would never pay more than that for it. Also when paying that ($100) price be sure that your latches and hinges are all there because if they aren't remember that you will have that extra expense in having to replace those as well as more time. I've never found one that had the leather handles in tack before due to the fact that those were what was worn out first by the original owners. I hope that you find one and have fun refurbishing it. I love mine and they are super useful for storage as well as being gorgeous in my home. Thanks for reading and commenting. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks again. Robin