Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sisterchicks Chipboard album...

Ok so here's a little something that I've been up to. I found this plain chipboard album at Michaels in the dollar bin that was in the shape of a crown and thought oh how cute that is but I couldn't think of a thing to make a theme with it for. Well that was until I also ran across the SISTERS bling letters that very same day and it hit me! I have to make a sisters chick album and that is exactly what I did. As you can see I used the bling on the front cover.
The first 2 pages are pictures of me and my sis! Well she's my "adopted sis" anyway since I wasn't blessed with a blood related sister. But let me tell you I couldn't have a blood sister that I could be any closer to than I am her and I feel very blessed to have her in my life.
As you can see we spend 97% of our time on the lake while she's here and the other 3% we spend cooking, eating and sleeping. We both live on lakes so that's where we love to be.
Here we are with me giving her a ride on my husbands 4 wheeler and the other one where we are showing our hands?.... well that's where we were showing off our nails that were painted with polka dots that yes we did ourselves....well sis taught me how to do it. She had painted mine that first time...thanks sis!
Ok then here are the sister chicks again. I used some glittery chipboard letters in this little album and thought it was just perfect for some added bling.
Now for the last page.....I'll have to show you that in the next post. It actually isn't a picture of me and Suzie aka sis but is of something totally different and is probably a little come on back and take a peek.

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