Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Scrapbooking Haul....

Shhhhh I have a secret.......I was talking to my friend Brenda about 4 days ago and she was telling me about this great place online to get scrapbooking supplies. Well I was impressed with the site and just had to order a "few" things. Here's the website so you can check it out yourself..... I honestly didn't realize that I had ordered so much stuff but am soooo glad that I did....go ahead scroll down and take a look at what all I found.
such sweet flowers and butterflies and gorgeous tags....
more paper flowers and the paper stacks that I bought are all really pretty as well...
clear stamps, even more paper and felt flowers, butterflies and look at those chipboard tags....just to die for huh? in my favorite shade too...robins egg blue (even though lavender is my favorite color, I'm finding that I buy anything that's robins egg blue anymore) go ahead scroll on down you know your wanting too....
Now these flowers are just toooo pretty! They have glitter on them and I think I bought them in every color they offered and yes I did manage to find more paper flowers and some more butterflies. I just can't hardly wait to get started on something so that I can use all my pretty things.
Ok so I wanted to wish each and every one of you a Very Happy Easter!
Now shoooo go, run on over to and see what all you can find yourself that you just can't live without! See ya back here real soon! p.s. thank you Brenda for telling me about this great place!

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  1. Wow! Easter haul it right! :<) So many beautiful things! Good for you! I will check out their site!

    Wishing you a productive week!

    Barbara Diane