Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shabby chic pocket album...

HI! Welcome back! Well today what I have to show you is a shabby chic album that I've just completed. I learned how to make this album from Laura Dennison. I didn't do a tutorial on this one so if you want me to do one then just let me know. But anyway, with this one I got to use my new binding system! YAHHH! The Bind-it-All! It's soooo much better than using the D rings and I just love it. But anyway on the front cover of this one I used several Prima flowers, cut out a birdcage using the Cricut, added a big pretty butterfly and some ribbon on the rings of the wire binding. Oh yes and I'm not sure that you can see it very well in the picture or not but I also used some white feathers! and of course some rhinestone centers for the flowers...a girl has to have her bling right???
This is what the inside looks like. There are 10 pockets on the inside and each one of them has a flower (with rhinestone centers of course) for the pull out tag.
This album was so fun and easy to do. You can get 2 pockets out of a 12x12 piece of cardstock, then I covered the fronts and backs with regular weight scrapbook paper.
Hope that this has inspired you to work on a scrapbook of your own and again if you need me to do a short tutorial on how I made this one then just let me know.
Hope that everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and comes back to visit me real soon. Ta Ta for now.....


  1. Hello!

    Great project! You put so much time and love into your creations and it shows! I don't scrapbook but this is an inspiration! :<)

    Wishing you a happy day today!

    Barbara Diane

  2. gorgeous! and a reminder to me to finish a project I was doing during the Olympics, an album of figure skating stars pics and autographs.... got a few pages to finish in that one.

  3. This is a Laura Denison Creation! I'm sure she wouldn't be very happy about you passing this off as your own!

  4. Dear Cake Lady, If you would be so kind as to go back and read. I did note Laura as the original designer and NEVER ONCE did I say it was my own creation. Please if your going to post comments like that then read the facts first. And had you been following my blog you would of seen that I always give credit to those teach me how to make these. Thank you and have a great drama free day!