Monday, February 15, 2010

Mom's 64th Birthday preperations...

Hi all....well I promised something special and here it is.....what's more special than being able to throw your mom their first birthday party? It took 64 years to do it but my dad had approached me about it and I jumped at the opportunity. What's even more special is that my mom and I share the same birthday so that made it extra special. This was back in 2006 when all this took place and I have just now found the dvd of picturs so I can share all the memories and things that I made for the party. So here the above picture you can see that I found old and new pictures of my mother and my siblings as kids then printed those off and used a variety of scrapbooking papers to make centerpieces for the tables. On each side there is a different picture. I did this so that those sitting on either side of the table would have one to look at while they were eating and I found people floating around the room so that they could get a look at all of them. When I was thinking about a party theme, the 50's was the first thing that popped into my head. After all, those were the years when she was a teenager and was loving all the wonderful things about that day and age. So I used the teal blue, pink and blacks throughout the theme.
What is a 50's party without a few poodle skirts? These were so much fun to make and they were life sized as well. You will see in a later post just how large they really are. And of course I had to add a Pink Ladies car tag. I used poster board to make the dresses, pink and teal blue tulle for the scarves and black tulle for the foo foo under the skirts and the rest is paint. The pink ladies car tag is made of poster board as well and just painted to look like a car tag.
Music Music Music.....yes that's one of the most memorable thing right? Here I simply referred to the internet for the most popular songs of the 50's and used cardstock to make the records and labeled them just like an old 45. They were super simple to make using a circle maker but you could also use anything to draw circles on cardstock and cut them out.
In my next post I'll show you how all these decorations came together so come on back, you hear?

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