Monday, February 22, 2010

Envelope Mini Album cont'......

Hi and welcome back to part 2 of the envelope mini album. Ok so this is where we left off. After you cut your 2 pieces of paper out using the diagram in the last post and you fold it back and forth you will get this. Now take the little 1/2" lip and glue that to the long 4" strip and that will give you a "W" and that is what makes your inner pockets where you will have a pocket on the front as well as the back.
Next, now is a good time for you to use a corner rounder or decorative scissors to round or make pretty the lip of the pocket. I found that it was hard to do that once it was already glued to the card. Then, using your 1/2" mark that you made on the inside or your envelope line that up with the edge of your pocket and glue down. Go ahead and glue the rest of the edges down as well all the way around the card. Just like I did with the blue tape. I hope that you can see that well in the picture. Then once you get that done it's just a matter of cutting paper slightly smaller than the front and back of the card (so that your distressed edges will peek through) and gluing those down. Once you have the front and back patterned paper securely glued down, the go ahead and glue down the little flaps for your pocket.
Ok once that is done then you will need to open up the top pocket of the envelope and slip your 2" circle cutter back in to cut out the patterned paper. It's easier to only try to cut one sheet of paper at a time with those otherwise I found that you can rip your paper or it simply just want cut them both. Next, cut 2 more pieces of coordinating papers and slip those into the slots on the sides to cover the rest of the envelope. Again, you'll have to open up the envelope and cut out the half moon circle for the second tab. Then after that it's a matter of personal preference. You can decorate them anyway that you like. You can see in the picture above that I used distressed office tags but you could most certainly make your own tags. Now what to do with them.....well what I'm going to do is make a couple more of them then with my eyelet setter that I'm waiting on in the mail, I'm going to turn mine into an album using D rings through the eyelets. Or you could simply put this in a scrapbook and use it for a ton of journaling. You wouldn't be able to use the far back pocket once it was glued to your page but it would still be really fun and interactive for those flipping through your scrapbook. Or here's another idea....use it instead of a card. There is plenty of room to write sentiments or put pictures. Oh and here's an idea I just thought of......what about a money card? you could always fold money up and place it in one of the pockets. Or tickets or coupons to the movie theater. It would just make a great little card for that. Oh the possibilities are endless so go ahead go grab some of those boring old envelopes and get started and let your creative juices fly! Hope that you enjoy making them as much as I am.
Once I complete 2 more of these I have to set aside my paper projects for just a little bit and finish up a sewing project that I've been working on. I get too many things going at one time so it's time for me to stop and rewind you might say and get some previous projects done before I move on. So next time you'll get to see what I've been up to and it's for my mom so ya'll come on back soon and see what sweet something I've made for her.


  1. Those are the cutest little tags that I have ever seen!!!!!

  2. gorgeous! lovely! makes me so happy! yep, ticks all round for you with this post :D

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    Hope all is well with you! Look forward to your next post!

    Wishing you a good day today!

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