Monday, February 15, 2010

The decorating begins for Mom's 64th birthday party..

The decorating you can see although I made all the decorations, there was no shortage of people jumping in and helping me put everything together. My husband, son, youngest brother and sister-in-law were all there ready and eager to help. We actually had a good time listening to the 50's music and dancing around. I'll spare you and not show those pictures but trust me they were some funny ones. Especially with my brother...he's a cracker jack and had us all laughing even though we had worked ourselves silly.
We had the party at one of the local lodges so trying to camouflage all of the awards and what- nots that were already there was hard but we did our best to make them not stand out near as bad. I picked up some fuzzy dice at the dollar store to place on the tables as well and made the place settings with black plastic ware, pink napkins and used cheap dollar store sunglasses as a napkin ring. I'll show a close up of that a little later though.
Here gives you a better idea of just how large those "Pink Ladies" really were. They were HUGE and my mom loved them. They were the first thing that you saw when you walked through the door and so it really set the mood for the party.
Here is how I used the record labels. There were several of these "desks", I'm not sure what you would call them, that were around the room so I just used them for display. It made a great place for a photo op with the guest. So it turned out well I think.
I didn't take a picture of this at my house before bringing it to the venue. But here is the jukebox that I painted. I simply pulled up a picture of a jukebox then pulled out some poster board and free handed it. Of course my lines aren't perfect but I never claimed to be an artist, just a crafter and a daughter that wanted her mom to have a GREAT time. It fit perfect on the podium and was also a good place for a photo op.
Ok come on back cause I have more to show you......

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  1. You created a wonderland for your mother's birthday! She must have been so thrilled to see all the time spent and effort made to give her such a nice party! I love your jukebox! :<)

    Barbara Diane