Monday, February 22, 2010

Envelope Mini Album or Card...

Hi and welcome's what I've been up to today. I'm getting back into paper crafting and was browsing for some fresh ideas and stumbled across this and just had to make them. I give all the credit to Follow the Paper Trail...the lady is just unbelievable with all of her nifty ideas. So anyway I thought that I'd try my best to do a tutorial on how I made these.
First take a regular legal sized envelope, seal it up then clip each long end off so that you'll have an opening. Next measure 4" over from the end and make a score line, then 1/2" more and draw a line. That line will be for the placement of the inner pocket. Now go ahead and score your 4" line and use a bone folder or whatever you have handy to make a nice crisp, clean fold.
Sorry this picture didn't turn out very well, but what I did next was take my 2" circle punch and opened up one end of the envelope and cut out a half circle....then I went to the other end and did the same thing so that when the envelope is folded you can see both half rounds facing you.
Just as you see in the picture above....see how both half rounds are facing you. Ok now go ahead and distress your edges with some ink. I used walnut ink for my edges cause I wanted to really give it a worn aged look.
Now next step. I did this on white paper just so you could see the writing better but use some pretty patterned paper for this step cause it is what is going to form your top pockets. The lines that you see drawn are SCORING lines...not cutting lines so keep that in mind. Once you have those cut out you fold the paper back and forth.
Well since I can only put up 5 pictures at a time I'm going to have to end the tutorial here and pick back up in the next posts so don't go anywhere....the fun is about to start and you don't want to miss it....

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