Monday, February 15, 2010

Mom's 64th Birthday Party Begins!!

Ok so the parties started and I had forgotten to get a close up of the place I had to sneak to a spot where no one had sat down and grab a shot of this one. See how the little sunglasses just wrapped around the plastic ware and made the perfect napkin ring.
And here's the star of the party! My mom! Here the two of us are as she's getting ready to open her gifts.
FUN FUN FUN! Good food and Great friends and family! Here a few of them are with their "napkin rings" on. We all had so much fun. There was 50's music playing in the background and some of them got up and danced.
Another shot of some guest in their new shades....and in the background you can see the marquee sign that I made using again poster board and just free handing the painting.
And of course I couldn't have the guest going home empty handed so I made up gift bags and had them filled full of candies reminiscent of the 50's. Yes I googled to see what candies were popular and had a hard time finding some but the search was fun. Then I used more 45's as toppers for the plain brown paper bags and simple wrote Thank You on the record labels.
Well thank you all for allowing me to share with you one of the most fun parties I've ever had the opportunity of doing. My mom was so pleased with everything and the guest seemed to be as well. But I couldn't of done it alone, had it not been for my helpers I wouldn't of been able to pull it thank you all!
Hope that this sparks some creative ideas for someone else who is wanting to do a 50's party. See you all soon.....

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