Thursday, May 30, 2013

Craft Room Makeover...again!

 Hi everyone! I have been meaning to blog what my new craft room looks like now that I have made it over yet again. As you all know my craft room is also my guest room which means that I don't have the luxury of using the entire room. But that's alright I really enjoy when we have company and want to make sure that they are comfortable while they are here. I am thankful that the room is just a place to sleep while guest visit and try to keep them busy with lake activities and such. Anyway, when Michael's had their huge sale on craft furniture last month I took full advantage of it and splurged. I have wanted some of this furniture for years but would never take the leap until they had a sale of 60% off on everything. I no longer have the table in my room for my work surface. I now have that stacked organizers and Mr. Candy Creek cut me out a table top using MDF board which was way cheaper than having a table top special made and with a couple of coats of paint I was good to go.
 I was able to clean up my bookcases more since I have the new units now and I really want the room to look neat and organized so that the guests don't feel as if they are sleeping in a mess.
 I made sure that just about every inch of the room was an area that would be useful and still stay neat and organized.
 I'm really loving the room now and think that I will leave it alone now. So chances of me posting another update on yet another makeover for this room more than likely want be happening since it's finally the way that I really want it. I think that by taking the table out of the room and making my table top with a curve I gained quite a bit of space in the room and now when guest come they can put their luggage under the table, on the table or even under the bed! Before I didn't have room under my bed for guest to slide their luggage to get it out of the way.
You can see better in this picture just how small of a room this is to start with but we have to work with what we have and this really works for me. Plus if you think about it...the more room you have the more stuff you have to keep organized. So think positive thoughts if you are like myself with a small space to craft in. Make it work for you.
Have a great day everyone!

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  1. sisnpriss@yahoo.comJune 2, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    It looks good!!!! I love it.