Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mixed Media..not just for canvas's right?...

 Hey Everyone! Thought that I'd share with you one of the things that I've made lately. I finished this up late last night. I'm really starting to LOVE this mixed media thing. Unlike the other painting techniques that I've tried my best to do and miserably failed this is something where it doesn't have to be perfect to be pretty. Matter of fact if it's perfect then your doing something wrong. Plus I don't use a paint brush. 90% of the time I use my fingers which brings out the inner child in me. That's always a good thing right? Well anyway, while I was in the process of reorganizing my craft room/guest room I was working on a bookshelf that this plain little crate was sitting on and was whispering to me (you know like those inanimate objects do in the Ikea commercials). So it spoke and I listened. Yes I stopped what I was working on to take care of this project.
 Plan on seeing more mixed media stuff from me because this is my new crafting love!
 The paper collection is from The Girls Paperie that I found dirt cheap at Tuesday Morning and not only got the paper but it had all of the embellishments with it for a little nothing. The colors make my heart flutter with happiness.
 The stamps are from the same company except for the little butterfly and that is a Prima stamp that I bought from Scrabadabadoo when they had their stamps on clearance.

 See it once again houses my glimmer mist except now its screaming happy happy at me when I look at it. Oh by the way. These are more than likely the last glimmer mists I'll be buying because they are so darn expensive. I have found a recipe to make my own dirt cheap and so if that works out then I'll be making them for little to nothing. Sorry don't mean to offend anyone but crafting supplies are expensive and we have to cut cost wherever we can and when we can.
 I thought I would show you that Zoe is getting into crafting now. She loves to help out when she can..see???
Oh and never mind her ponytail coming should see her mommy's hair, its downright frightful. But us girls can't be worrying with looking pretty when we are on a crafting mission.
Have a great day everyone! Me and Zoe are back to reorganizing and hopefully nothing else will speak to us until the job is done! I've been working on this room for weeks but can't seem to stick with it. I get to many other ideas in my head to work on. Which by the way I'll be sharing some of those with you as well real soon.
Another little note. I had found the little crate at the thrift store years ago if I'm not mistaken. I know I didn't buy it at a regular store so don't forget to look for things you can alter and make beautiful.


  1. OMGGGGGGG ...that is so perfect ...the papers fit that crate to a tee !!!! I love the look of alterd art/ mixed media... The projects and uses are endless... I am not getting as much stuff done as you are. I know you are having big fun !

  2. sisnpriss@yahoo.comMay 11, 2013 at 8:42 PM

    I am glad you are starting Zoe out young. Wish I had done the same with sis and priss.....LOL You need to set up an etsy account for all this wonderful stuff you are doing. I would love to get together sometime and get my sewing lesson when you are up to it. Love and Miss you!!

  3. I'm thinking of doing etsy for sure. Just trying to get some inventory built up right now. When you are feeling up to it just give me a heads up in advance and I'll come show you how to sew. Its really easy and you would love it. Love you and miss you as well!