Friday, April 27, 2012

 Hey everyone! I just had to share with you one of the treasures I found at the thrift store last month. I've been wanting to find one of these forever and was thrilled when I saw it sitting there on the shelf. If you'll notice the price on it is $2 not a bad deal considering that if you buy one new they are $30! But that's not even the best part!!!! When I got up to the register to check out with my wonderful treasure. The lady rang me up and sweetly said "That will be $.26! Yes you saw that right....a quarter and a penny is all that I owed! I just happened to walk in on the day that all of the what knots were on sale for that! SCORE!!!
 So I brought this beauty home and started working on her. Here you can see how I'm altering this little rolodex.
I haven't finished the inside yet because I had another project that I needed to put as top priority.
See my best friend that I refer to as my sis over at (Happy Shack), well her birthday was coming up REAL fast and I had told her about the wonderful find I had found and what I was going to do with it. And she said "ohhhh I'd love to have one of those" ok enough said sis...your request in my new project!
 Here is what the inside of my box looks like. I haven't made all of the pretty tabs for it yet.
 But here is Suzie's rolodex! I think it turned out so pretty.

 and here is the inside of her box with all of the tabs and pretty embellishments on them. So Happy Birthday Suzie!!!!
I'm still working on my spring cleaning and I have even completely redone my guest room that is also my craft room. I painted the walls, trim, shutters in the room, and the furniture. I really like it's totally brightened up the space and will make for a very cheery place to sit and create or sleep for my guests. I'll show you that room once I get some pictures taken.
Have a great day everyone and I'll be back as soon as I can with pictures. I'm not sure when but it will be soon. I can not hardly wait to get this spring cleaning behind me so I can jump into the other 3 pages of projects that I want to get done. See ya sooooooon!!


  1. Hi girly!!! your roladex is awesome!! I would have never thought of altering that! NOW im gonna be on the prowl for one of those things! which if I remember well, I gave like 3 of those away to the thrift store a few years ago!! ah!!! hehehe oh well right? hey did you get my email??? I sent you an invite a few weeks ago?
    take care and keep in touch!

  2. Hey Elsa,
    I got it and am just now getting a chance to return one back. I'm so pleased that you like the roledex. It was a lot of fun making them. Matter of fact, I need to be finishing the inside of mine. I have about half of the cards completed before life got in the way of my crafting.
    Take care and sending hugs your way