Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guest room/Craft room gets a little makeover...

 Hey ya'll! As I was working on my spring cleaning I was removing everything from my guest room/craft room so that I could wash all the walls and every thing else in the room, my son's girlfriend walked in and said "oh are you going to paint in here?" and I said no not yet, it's on my list of things to do this summer but I'm just cleaning it right now. So as I walked out of the room with yet another load of things I was removing to place in the kitchen I thought. Boy oh boy Robin your about stupid to have this mess all over the house twice in one year!! Soooo what did I do?? I started painting! I so wish that the colors would show up better in the pictures or that I could find my before pictures that I took several years ago of this room. But I can't seem to locate them right now so I'll just tell you what all I did to it. The walls went from white to a buttercream yellow that is actually called Summertime Shasta Daisy. Now I'm not a big yellow fan but I like this soft soft yellow especially since I painted all of the trim in the room that was just boring ole brown to a starch bright white! And I found a new quilt to go on the bed that has all the pretty pastels that I so love in it.
 My bookcases were originally black so those got painted white and then distressed to make them more shabby. I stacked up my storage boxes in the corner of the room that house all kinds of different craft items and I moved the clear shoe rack thing that originally hung on the back of the door where you walk in to the back of the closet door. It cleaned things up a bit for when we have guests.
 As you can see....I don't have one of those big nice rooms that most of you girls have that is specifically designated for just crafting and sewing but I make do with what I have and it works. I didn't do anything different in this corner other than the fact that I hung a metal shelf to house some of my pretty chipboard letters and embellishments. But I did take my shutters down and repainted those and sanded them to give them that nice shabby chic feel like that I love so much.
The above picture just shows how I have my supplies in my bookcase that I just painted and sanded.
I'm thinking about making some little curtain inserts to fit the fronts of my bookcases so that guests don't have to see all my supplies on the shelves. But that can always be a project I can go back and take care of later.
Painting the room slowed my spring cleaning down a bit and now so has the stomach virus that I've picked up but I look forward to getting the other rooms finished so I can get to more projects. I plan on redoing my sons bedroom as soon as I finish the spring cleaning and am actually looking forward to it.
Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Oh Robin.. it looks so bright and cheery, and so much larger than it did when we slept in there last June.. I can't remember the before color..but that shasta daisy is so mellow.. Love the new bedding.. AND painting all the bookshelves was a great idea..I actually think u will be able to spot supplies at a glance. LOOKS awesome.. I look forward to my next stay over !! You deserve a break.. feel better fast.