Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Little Secret I found in Monroe, Ga...

 Ok so I don't know how BIG of a SECRET this place is for you all but for me it was HUGE! I didn't have a clue and my brother lives just right up the road from here. He let me in on it last month while my husband and I went down to visit with him and let me tell you....if you love to Junk as much as I do....this place is heaven! The entire town has pretty much turned into a little antique place and these old cotton mills and factories are being converted. So not only the stuff inside is neat to look at but the buildings themselves are neat.
 I took a few pictures from one of the vendors that I just loved. There was so much to see that I forgot to get my camera out and take more pictures to share even more with you. I was having so much fun with my brother and Mr. Candy Creek (husband) that I forgot.

Thought this was a cute little idea to refurbish and old lampshade and some scraps of old lace.
Well the cat is out of the bag as my grandfather used to say. I guess you all will just have to make a trip to Monroe, Ga yourselves and see how neat this place is. Just make sure that you plan on starting early in the morning and looking late into the afternoon, wear comfy shoes and enjoy! Oh and another note.....check out the little mom and pops restaurants there in Monroe. We ate at 2 of them and they were so GOOD! The one that I remember off the top of my head was The Butcher Block Deli and Grill. Yes it's in one of those old buildings as well. Now that's my kind of eatin'.....

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