Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My handmade smash book.....

Ok I'm going to first share with you all what my inspiration was for this journal. So please watch the video and then scroll on down and see what else I have to say about it along with my take on a smash journal.
Ok now that you've seen the video. I'd like to say this. First off I've found that even though these were introduced back at the winter CHA K & Company still didn't allow for the type of sales that they had to of known would happen. If you are one of the lucky ones that actually have one then good for you. I myself however was told that I'll have to wait until the latter part of August before I can get one. I clearly can not wait that long soooooo what's a crafty girl to do??? Yep make my own. I wanted to have one of these to give my best friend Suzie when I go visit her later on this month. So I watched the above video and took the things that I really liked about it and came up with an idea for me to make my own including the little things that I really like about K & Company's Smash journal. But to tell you the truth.....I like mine must better and I'm not sure that I even want a store bought Smash journal now. So if K & Company think that this is just a ploy for more exposure for their new product...Then personally I think someone at the company needs to open their eyes and realize that crafters aren't ones that tolerate waiting for very long before they too get to work and make the products themselves or finds an alternate.
So now without further is what I came up with...
 Ok these are a little out of order but that's ok at least they are all on here going the right direction and no one has to turn their head sideways to see the pics.   Regarding the above picture: I made the choice of leaving the front cover plain so that when you are carrying it things want be getting in your way or possibly falling off. I did however do a little stickles on the butterflies on the front to give it a little bling. Ok so now one of the things that I really liked about the Smash book was the fact that they are selling a rubber band that goes around the journal to keep lose things inside. Well my thoughts on that were...I can use some flexible thin chipboard and do the same thing...BUT mine will look much more professional looking and have a flap with a purse latch to close it to keep things put.
 In this above picture you can see what the journal looks like closed.
 Here is the back side of the journal (again sorry that these are out of order)
 The above picture is the back page of the journal. As you can see I added a slanted pocket to tuck things in until you can glue them in your journal. And speaking of glue.....I really liked the idea of the K & Company Smash has glue in one end and a pen in the other and they have a convenient place for it on the side of the journal. Well I had to include those things that I really liked in my journal because I truly want this journal to be one that can travel around in a purse or whatever and so that you will have everything at your fingertips. So I just pulled out some velcro that I had, grabbed a tube of new stick glue and a new cute pen and put velcro on all of them so that they will stay put right inside the journal.
Here is the last's actually a picture of the front cover and first sheet in the journal. As you can see I added another slanted pocket to hold lose things in case your in a hurry and can't glue them in instantly. I really like this journal and am going to make myself one and am thinking that I'm not even going to worry with buying a Smash journal from K & Company. Sorry......I like mine better and K & Company missed out on my purchase. I hope that this inspires the rest of the crafters out there that are sitting around and waiting for the Smash journal to become available again to just go to your craft room and make your own. They are TONS of fun to make! I am going to try my best to do a tutorial on here when I'm making my journal so if you like this style then keep checking back to see if I've posted a tutorial on it. Have a great one everyone....and I'll see ya later!

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  1. Wow that is great, I think I like yours better than the actual SMASH Book :)