Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pies, Pies and MORE Pies!

 On my visit to see my best friend and sis Suzie in Oklahoma this year, she asked me what I wanted to learn to cook this time and I said PIE! So that's exactly what we did and I was so thrilled and excited that I actually did it myself.......with the guidance of Mrs. Betty Crocker herself aka Suzie.
 Here we are....Suzie said that I was a good takes a good teacher to make a good student. Thank you so much there is no way that I could of done it without you helping and guiding me.

 The filling for the chocolate pie! YUM!
 It's topping time!
 Waaaaa Laaaa here is the final product of this pie...a good old fashion chocolate!
 Here we have a pecan pie and a quiche.....Supper and dessert! YUMMMMMY!
And yes we do deliver to one of the sweetest couples in Porum Landing! Jojo and Tuffy loved it....psssst we had to wear our "uniforms" while delivering and had to ride to the neighbors in style...on Suzie's pink golf cart! weeeeeee!!! I still can't believe that I now know how to make pies! I'm so excited about it!

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