Monday, October 18, 2010

I've been blinging my world.....

 Hey everyone! Remember me telling you about this new Creative Memories scrapbooking luggage that I had bought and I was doing something to it???? Well here it is before I touched it.....but it's kind of boring and plain huh? So what's a girl to do?.....
 THIS is what she does! She pulls out her glue and bling and just starts have a good time. Now for some odd reason it isn't showing all the pretty bling that has been added to all 3 pieces but the bling is crystal and pink and anywhere there was white daisies on the bags....that got blinged! I also added some pretty pink ribbon on all the pulls. I decided on pink since the inside of all the cases are pink.
Even in this can see that there is bling there but it's not showing the correct color....I need to get better with a camera or my lightening was bad or something. Not sure what happened but trust me IT IS BLINGED! and sooo pretty. I'm starting to think that my favorite color is "Sparkle"!
Now these bags will be all ready for next month when I go to the scrapbooking retreat! I'm so excited to get to go to it again. Remember I went back in Feb or March of this year and had the time of my life! So I'm getting things ready to go again.
As far as my Halloween mini album....well I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I worked on it a bit more today but have been having some problems with my back so I can't sit for very long at all cause it irritates my back even more. So I'm just taking my time finishing that album up and babying my back. But I'll be sure to show it to you all just as soon as I get it done.
Hope that everyone is have a great start to the week and I'll be back soon, so come on back by........

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