Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bridal Shower Part 4....

Well how can I forget the groom??? Luckily he stopped by for something to eat and I was able to get a picture of him. Isn't he handsome?
Here is the bride opening the gift that I got her. It wasn't in a box and I couldn't find a bag large enough for it to fit in so I had to get creative with my wrapping. I looked on her registry and found that she was wanting these white towels so a light bulb went off for me and I thought that I'd use the towels as wrapping paper and so that's exactly what I did. Then I used some kitchen utensils as my bow accents and used pink and black tulle to tie it all up. Love her heart she was unwrapping that thing forever it seemed. Sorry Sarah!
I thought this was a neat way to decorate a gift and thought I'd share it with you as well.
This is all 4 of my husbands sisters. They are all a hoot and fun to be around! I thought the sunset was so pretty last night.
Ok and last but not least I just had to share this with everyone. I thought this was the neatest little idea for a gift. I'm not sure who did this but it was cool! They took a hula hoop and just wrapped dish towels and such to it using some ribbon. The girl told me that normally you use a wreath frame to make one but she decided to try the hula hoop. How cute is that?
Well I hope you all enjoyed getting to see what I was up to last night. I made Sarah a little mini album and gave that to her last night as well and will share that with you a little later on today or Monday. Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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